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Suave Handshaken Margaritas

Suave Handshaken Margaritas | World Famous Frozen Margaritas | Tequila Reef ‘Guaranteed to Kick!’ ¬† Our local legend here at Tequila Reef is an old one. Nacho Suave gave us the greatest recipe for the most Perfect Margaritas ever known. … Continue reading

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Perfect Cocktails

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Tequila Reef Presents another humorous adventure. This time a little montage on Bar tending and bartenders. Give all the Bartenders and Waitress’ a hand and perhaps a little extra in the tip jar. Have a Great Day and See ya … Continue reading

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What’s a Bar Without Beer?

How can a place that serves tequila & cocktails forget all about this tasty beverage? The existence of this intoxicating drink has been with the development of civilization since time began. Thousands of years of recorded history portrays mankind’s everlasting … Continue reading

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Tequila Reef Humor

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Welcome to Nacho Suave’s Tequila Reef Humor Blog. Come on by everyday for something special on Our Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest Pages. We always bring something special to Our Tables here at Tequila Reef. Enjoy your day Everyone. After … Continue reading

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The Value of Good Spirits

Good spirits are a tremendous benefit to a healthy life. The negative aspects of alcohol shows its ugly face all too often. Fortunately, those who drink responsibly know this and use spirits for their therapeutic qualities rather than get smashed … Continue reading

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Cocktail Feathers

Cocktail. Our modern word for booze concoctions of all kinds. Ever hear of Fizzes, Juleps, or Toddies? Mixed drinks have been around since time began. The Romans used to mix their wine with spices and juices of all kinds. I’m … Continue reading

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