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Cocktails & Beer

Tequila Reef Spirits serves all your favorite beer and cocktails in our full service bar.

Beer is one of the healthiest beverages the world over. The carbohydrates furnish the food value giving you energy, the proteins help assimilate food, the hops stimulate appetite, and the carbon dioxide gas helps to create a cooling and refreshing effect for the body. Beer is great with almost any kind of food. We at Tequila Reef Cantina take pride in serving all the beers from around the world. If you know of a particular brand or micro-brew that you think would be good to serve please let us know about it. Who knows, we might even serve it someday…

Tequila Reef Pattaya Bar

Tequila Reef Cantina also prides itself on having the finest whisky on stock for your drinking pleasure.

Whisky used to be distilled freely and imbibed in the same way. Massive quantities were made by just about everyone. Its value as a commodity proved too valuable and finally controls were put in place to regulate its quality. Scotch whisky became the most popular. Malted from barley it’s usually served straight or on the rocks. Blended whisky uses distilled grains and malts that most people seem to enjoy more rather than straight whisky. There is a myriad of Whisky types to choose. Common Whiskey’s of today include Canadian, bourbon, & Tennessee Whiskey.

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Tequila Reef also serves up some of the finest vodkas around.

This Russian ‘water of life’ first came into being around the 14th century. Go back to the early 1800s and you’ll find ol’ Smirnoff himself controlling his own vast distillery in Moscow. Of course, after 1917 all that passed to the state. In America vodka started its appeal around the 1930s when Smirnoff was first imported on a regular basis.

Since then Vodka has grown in style. It’s a favored spirit for mixing up a variety of drinks because of its tasteless appeal; it goes with just about everything. Flavored varieties are also available: some are infused with herbs, spices, and seeds while others are mixed with sweeteners, fruit juices, even grasses, along with brandy and honey in others.

Tropical Drinks

Gin is in a class all by itself.

It was created intentionally for a purpose. All credit for this goes to Franciscus de la Boe, a 17th century doctor at the University of Leyden in Holland.

The good doctor wasn’t looking to make a more potent beverage or a better Martini. His goal was to find a healthful diuretic medicine by re-distilling pure alcohol from the juniper berry. He succeeded in making therapeutic oils for tinctures and other bottled medicines. He succeeded beyond all his wildest dreams: It seems Holland found itself beset with all kinds of new ailments that needed the attentions of Dr. Sylvius’ Snake Oil.

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Brandy & Cognac

The French may enjoy the claim for making great Brandy throughout the world but it was the Dutch who discovered the ‘soul’ of wine first. They found out, quite by accident, that by distilling wine or fermented fruit and concentrating or eliminating the water would leave only the ‘soul’ or spirit of the wine. This left the final product easier to transport large shipments in their trading endeavors overseas. The idea was to add water at the destination port and rebottle the wine for sale on the markets. But, lo & behold, some bright Dutch Shipmaster thought this more potent ‘wine’ tasted much better and began selling it as is. The Dutch called this new wine ‘Brandewijn’ meaning burned wine.

Suave Daily Specials and Great Margaritas

Rum has a really storied past.

It conjures up images of pirates, rum runners, & smugglers. It invokes the romantic, brings out the colorful, and is replete with legends, some of which are apocryphal.

Believe it or not Rum comes from grass but is more commonly known as sugarcane. Historical mention of sugar goes all the way back to Alexander the Great. Apparently the stories say he discovered it in India. So sugar has been around for a long while. It was finally brought to Europe in the 7th century by the Arabs. Its trade value was supreme and very costly. It finally made its way to the New World when Columbus brought cane cuttings from the Canary Islands to the West Indies. There it thrived and sugar became inexpensive and has expanded since then. The early settlers discovered that residues from the sugar fermented real easy. Thus distilling the sugarcane, syrups, molasses, or other by-products was a logical extension  of this sweet delight. Where ever sugarcane grows Rum can be made.

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