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Tequila Reef serves up some of the finest vodkas around. This Russian ‘water of life’ first came into being around the 14th century. Go back to the early 1800s and you’ll find ol’ Smirnoff himself controlling his own vast distillery in Moscow. Of course, after 1917 all that passed to the state. In America vodka started its appeal around the 1930s when Smirnoff was first imported on a regular basis.

Since then Vodka has grown in style. It’s a favored spirit for mixing up a variety of drinks because of its tasteless appeal; it goes with just about everything. Flavored varieties are also available: some are infused with herbs, spices, and seeds while others are mixed with sweeteners, fruit juices, even grasses, along with brandy and honey in others. Today people have come up with all kinds of ways to flavor Vodka:

Ever try some Skittles Vodka?


-Vodka (don’t use cheap stuff)
-Skittles (ratio is ten skittles to 1 oz. (30 ml) of Vodka

-First separate the skittles by color. Stay away from the lime and grape skittles if you’re going to mix colors. They ruin the taste. They’re good by themselves!

-Secondly, put the skittles in the bottle first. 10 skittles for each ounce of Vodka. At this point you’ll have to wait for the skittles to dissolve. 1 or 2 days usually but you can shake the bottle to speed it up a bit.

-Thirdly, after the skittles are dissolved filter or strain the contents of the bottle with a tea towel or coffee filter. Then refrigerate overnight.

Tequila Reef - Skittles Vodka

The old way of drinking Vodka used to be straight up and ice cold, all in one shot, usually with a tangy appetizer. Of course Shots are available but Vodka offers so much more…

How about a Vodka infused Watermelon!


The Moscow Mule
This one caught on in the late 1940s when some Hollywood restaurant owner had too much ginger beer stocked up in his cellar. So he started mixing it with a few spirits and found Vodka to be the perfect alcoholic beverage to infuse with all that extra ginger beer. Adding half a lime he served it up in a copper mug and the Moscow Mule was born. That’s one story. There is another legend associated with this tasty drink: A couple of food and liquor distributors working for Smirnoff were looking for ways to sell Vodka on the American market:

Here’s a recipe and a bit more on that particular story…

Tequila Reef Moscow Mule

Tequila Reef offers all your favorite Vodka mixed drinks. From Simple Screwdrivers to the ultimate Salty Dog Suave can make them all! So come on down to Tequila Reef Cantina Today & order up a few of Suaves’ Vodka Surprises.

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