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Tequila Reef Cantina – Bar & Restaurant also provides all your Rum Cocktail needs. We mix all our drinks special for everyone. With that in mind Suave has a bit of info on another house specialty. Grog! 😀

‘Grog’ has a really storied past. It conjures up images of pirates, rum runners, & smugglers. It invokes the romantic, brings out the colorful, and is replete with legends, some of which are apocryphal.

Believe it or not Rum comes from grass but is more commonly known as sugarcane. Historical mention of sugar goes all the way back to Alexander the Great. Apparently the stories say he discovered it in India. So sugar has been around for a long while. It was finally brought to Europe in the 7th century by the Arabs. Its trade value was supreme and very costly. It finally made its way to the New World when Columbus brought cane cuttings from the Canary Islands to the West Indies. There it thrived and sugar became inexpensive and has expanded since then. The early settlers discovered that residues from the sugar fermented real easy. Thus distilling the sugarcane, syrups, molasses, or other by-products was a logical extension of this sweet delight. Where ever sugarcane grows Rum can be made.

How Rum got its name is another matter. As with any word of popular utterance its origins are lost among the legends of the old swashbuckling pirates. There’s a reference to it being called ‘rumbullion’ by the Spanish. It’s also believed it is a shortened form of the Latin ‘saccharum’ meaning sugar. Still, others insist the name came from the British Navy. Which seems likely because in 1745 Admiral Edward Vernon helped cure scurvy by feeding his men diluted rum & water (known as ‘grog’) to battle this disparaging disease. This gave him lasting regard by all his men and thereafter they called him Old Rummy to honor his memory.

Most ‘grog’ is made in the West Indies: Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, but a few brands are produced in South America and the island of Java in Indonesia. In Rum producing countries it is usually drunk straight without any mixtures as they believe it’s the best way to appreciate the fine quality of the Rum. Usually Rum is served with mixtures of cola, water, 7-up, & juices. It can be used to substitute gin in Martinis. Rum is also great in making sauces, desserts, ice creams and candies of all sorts.

Here at Tequila Reef we serve up some of the best Rum Drinks around. So come on by and order up a Daiquiri at Tequila Reef!


This is an ever popular drink originating in Cuba. White Bacardi with lots of fresh mint and lime makes this cocktail quite refreshing. Add a bit of sugar and soda water for fizz and you’re good to go.

Mojito Highball

Tequila Reef Cantina - Mojito




Mai Tai
A great Tiki Classic! This Polynesian cocktail is made with amber rum, orgeat syrup or a drop of almond extract, Cointreau, Curacao, or triple sec, and some syrup or superfine granulated sugar.

Classic Mai Tai recipe

Tequila Reef Cantina - Mai Tai

Mai Tai



Rum & Coke
Here’s a simple Cuban highball made with Rum, cola, lime juice, and served on the rocks.

How To Make a Cuba Libre

Tequila Reef Pattaya - Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre


Hungry? Order now with Door to Door Pattaya!


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