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◊ Suave’s ‘Perfect’ Margaritas Only at Tequila Reef Cantina ◊

Welcome to our Margarita Page, featuring our World Famous “Hand Shaken” margaritas. Be sure to stop by and sample some of the best margaritas in Southeast Asia. Our margaritas come by the glass, pitcher or Grande glass. A pitcher or Grande glass (60 ounces) is equivalent to 6 regular glasses so you get one free margarita over the per glass price.

Welcome to the Margarita Machine

By far Margaritas are Nacho Suave’s favorite cocktail. He told the story once about how he found the recipe for the ‘Perfect’ Margarita. It’s an unbelievable story (he was really drunk at the time) and we’re allowed to tell certain parts of the tale. He made us promise never to divulge the secret recipe but we are allowed to serve up the one, the only, Suave’s ‘Perfect’ Margarita only at Tequila Reef Pattaya.

Tequila Reef Margarita

Try our Special “Hand Shaken” Margarita!

These ‘Perfect’ Margaritas are huge! Huge in strength and Huge in structure. Suave’s ‘Perfect’ Margaritas really have a kick!!! All Margaritas are specially mixed and served in their appropriately sized glass. All are salted and garnished to your taste. Go ahead and ask a waitress for the special “Hand Shaken” Margarita.

Suave's Perfect Margarita

Tequila Reef prides itself on serving the best Tequilas in the world. Direct from Mexico.
So Go ahead relax and order a ‘Perfect’ Margarita only at Tequila Reef Pattaya.



◊ Nacho Suave’s Favorite Tequila Cocktails ◊

Suave’s ‘Perfect’ Margaritas

All margaritas listed above are available by the glass, pitcher or Grande Glass (60 ounces)

Tequila Reef Restaurant Pattaya offers a great selection of daily drink specials featuring our World Famous “Hand Shaken” Margarita. These popular specials are designed to fit your specific budget and drinking pleasure. Be sure to ask one of waitresses about the daily drink specials while at our restaurant or view one of the advertisement cards on the tables for complete details.


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Tacos & Tequila


◊ Suave’s ‘Perfect’ Margarita only at Tequila Reef ◊

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