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Gin is in a class all by itself. It was created intentionally for a purpose. All credit for this goes to Franciscus de la Boe, a 17th century doctor at the University of Leyden in Holland.

The good doctor wasn’t looking to make a more potent beverage or a better Martini. His goal was to find a healthful diuretic medicine by redistilling pure alcohol from the juniper berry. He succeeded in making therapeutic oils for tinctures and other bottled medicines. He succeeded beyond all his wildest dreams: It seems Holland found itself beset with all kinds of new ailments that needed the attentions of Dr. Sylvius’ Snake Oil.

Well, it wasn’t really snake oil and it did work. Everyone loved it so much that its popularity grew all over. When the recipe reached England they went mad for it. It tasted much better than the cheap distilled less of wine or beer used to make cheap spirits and it was much cheaper to produce thanks to the governments slack regulations regarding its consumption. The English loved it so much the coined a new phrase for this wonderful elixir. ‘Dutch Courage’ soon became the national drink of England.

Today, distilling Gin is a highly refined scientific process. All of it is quality controlled with precision and uniformity. This doesn’t mean all distilling of Gin has the same qualities. Far from it; they all have their own secret recipes and special methods to produce this fine spirit.


Gin & Tonic
This is the most popular way to drink Gin. It’s a simple cocktail made with Gin of your choice, tonic water, and poured in a high glass over ice. Garnish with lemon or lime. Simple, refreshing, and stylish. A simple Gin & Tonic is a relaxing way to start your evening.

4 Simple Ways to Make a Better Gin and Tonic

Tequila Reef Cocktails - Gin & Tonic

Tequila Reef Cocktails – Gin & Tonic



This is a nice little drink to have before dinner. It’ll build up your appetite for your meal. It’s made with Gin, Vermouth, and Campari. All in equal parts. Don’t forget the orange peel. This brings out the citrus aroma for that old fashioned style of taste and leisure.

Negroni Recipe

Tequila Reef Cocktails - Negroni

Tequila Reef Cocktails – Negroni



Tom Collins
How about a glass of sparkling lemonade with a kick? Lemon juice, sugar, and some soda water and you have yourself a Tom Collins. Garnish with a cherry or an orange slice.


Tequila Reef Cocktails - Tom Collins

Tequila Reef Cocktails – Tom Collins


Tequila Reef Cantina Mexican/American Bar & Restaurant has all your dining and drinking needs. Come on by today and order up a few cocktails for you and your friends. We’re here to serve you every day of the week!

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