What’s a Bar Without Beer?

How can a place that serves tequila & cocktails forget all about this tasty beverage? The existence of this intoxicating drink has been with the development of civilization since time began. Thousands of years of recorded history portrays mankind’s everlasting fascination with beer and its brewing process’. Old Egypt has hieroglyphics depicting many brewing methods. Usually it was the baker…

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Tequila Reef Humor

After 10 margaritas Suave’s Ghost has been known to appear. With enough Margaritas you can do anything… …especially with a sense of humor. 😀 Save Money Today Drinking and Eating at Tequila Reef Hungry? Order now with Door to Door Pattaya! Δ ◊ Suave’s ‘Perfect’ Margarita only at Tequila Reef ◊ ◊ Suave’s Favorite Tequila Cocktails ◊ ◊ Suave’s Whiskey Cocktails ◊…

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