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Everyday is Special at the Reef!

Welcome to Tequila Reef Cantina.

Everyday is Special at the Reef.

We at Tequila Reef wish you a great day and are here to serve your dining and drinking needs. Our Menu has an extensive Mexican American Flavor with a combination of Southern California, Texas, and a bit of Louisiana style to give Tequila Reef its distinctive appeal.

We also serve the best margaritas anywhere. Our World Famous “Hand Shaken” Margarita is a classic example of our distinct style, seasonings, and spiciness. We have many different characters to our margaritas. We always look forward to trying new flavorings with ambience in our atmosphere. Setting the mood for zesty spices and a satisfying dining and drinking experience.

Suave Margaritas!

Super Suave Grande Margaritas

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Suave's Single Combo Special

Tequila Reef Cantina


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Buenos Burritos!

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Fajita Friday

Suave’s ‘Handshaken’ Margarita. Old Suave used to tell us the secret to a great margarita:  make them strong and present them ‘shaken’ – not stirred. It brings out the greatest ingredient within the spirit. Always giving it that extra flavor and kick just like a genuine Mexican plug. Everyday is Special . 😀

Suave Margaritas

World Famous Margaritas

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Tequila Reef Cantina

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Tequila Reef Cantina

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  1. Panpong L. says:

    First of my question is where is your location. ? Do you have hot roast beef? Thanks.

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