Much more than Tex-Mex

Tequila Reef: Much more than Tex-Mex

by Miss Terry Diner

It had been a while since we last reviewed Tequila Reef Cantina, and we were to find that much had changed since then. And for the good.

Tequila Reef is situated on Soi 7, close to the Beach Road end of the soi on the right hand side. Soi 7 is one of those ‘interesting’ streets, jumping with people, music and reverberating with calls of “Hello sexy man!” However, Tequila Reef remains an oasis of normality in the noisy environment outside.

There is an outside terrace for those who wish to smoke, or the newbies, for whom the vibrancy of Soi 7 is still an amazing experience. Inside it is air-conditioned, with a long bar running across the back wall, and an eclectic décor with an overall Mexican theme.

Since Tequila Reef is well known for its Margaritas, we began with a frozen one for myself, whilst Madame went for the ‘hand-shaken’ variety (B. 130-140). Both were delicious (and by the way, potent)! We were also enjoying the salsas and corn chips which came to the table while we pondered over the menu.

The menu begins with 19 appetizers with the majority between B. 100 and B. 200 including items such as Cajun Popcorn Shrimp (B. 155) which comes with cocktail sauces, Grilled Pork Quesadilla (B. 135) or a Garlic Cheese bread (B. 105).

The next items are Soups, Salads and Chili, one section which is being expanded including Caesar salads and a Tortilla soup flavored with Chipotle chilli (B. 90 for a small serving).

Next up are some steaks (B. 315-395) with most around 300 gm and come with your choice of potato, corn on the cob or vegetables and even horseradish sauce if you want it.

BBQ ribs follow along with chicken, duck and fish. Half a rack is B. 275 or a full rack for B. 415. Some New Orleans style ‘blackened’ items as well, including a grilled salmon filet, so you don’t get the bones. There is even fish and chips with deep-fried red snapper at B. 285.

Of course there are still plenty of Mexican items (B. 185-325) which includes a giant Burrito called the Pregnant with Twins!
Burgers are around B. 135-160, plus plenty of side dishes and desserts. Some Thai food for partners as well.

With owner Darrell Woolley on hand to advise us, it was decided that we should have a ‘tasting’ evening to allow us to experience some of the popular items as well as some of the new dishes that have been added to the menu. “We wanted to bulk up the menu to attract a wider audience,” said Darrell, “so burgers, schnitzels and soups and salads are being introduced.”

Amongst the items suggested were the BBQ ribs, which Darrell assured us were so popular that people drive down from Bangkok at weekends, just to have the Tequila Reef ribs. These were flavorsome, moist and simply wonderful. We could see why their BBQ ribs are such a popular item. Mention must also be made of the guacamole, made with imported Australian avocadoes as Darrell feels this produces the best taste, and we certainly enjoyed it. Another very interesting item was the tortilla soup, which was very flavorsome, and in some ways similar to a French onion soup or the Thai Tom Yum, though not as spicy. Again a different taste.

We came away from Tequila Reef still discussing the different flavors and tastes that this restaurant offers the diners, and in a fun environment. Tequila Reef receives one of our highly recommended ratings, and although there are many Tex-Mex/New Orleans style items, the restaurant offers much more than that one style of cuisine. Do go and try. And incidentally as you have read from the review, the prices are very reasonable.

By the way, Tequila Reef does do outside catering for parties or social events, and has successfully catered for 600 hungry golfers. Give them a call to enquire about this service.

Tequila Reef Cantina, Soi 7 (close to the Beach Road end on the right hand side, with parking behind the beer bars on the left). Telephone 038 414 035. Open seven days, 11.30 a.m. until 12 midnight.

We kindly thank Pattaya Mail for their Past Review of Our Restaurant.

Tequila Reef Cantina - Home of Nacho Suave's World Famous Margaritas
Nacho Suave
Enjoy Tequila Reef Cantina Today!
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