Suave Handshaken Margaritas

Suave Handshaken Margaritas | World Famous Frozen Margaritas | Tequila Reef

‘Guaranteed to Kick!’


Our local legend here at Tequila Reef is an old one

Nacho Suave gave us the greatest recipe for the most Perfect Margaritas ever known. His secret ingredient is an ever lasting one to be sure and he still likes to come around to let us know about it. But, only after a margarita or two. Usually after the tenth one. Those are the special margaritas. Handshaken with extra care to bring out the perfect flavor for your drinking pleasure.

Old Suave used to tell us the secret to a great margarita:  make them strong and present them ‘shaken’ – not stirred. It brings out the greatest ingredient within the spirit. Always giving it that extra flavor and kick just like a genuine Mexican plug.

Suave Smooth Margaritas Tequila Reef Grande Margarita

Our World Famous “Hand Shaken” Margarita is a classic example of our distinct seasoning, spiciness, and style. We have many different characters to our margaritas and all our cocktails. We’re always look forward to trying new ambience in our atmosphere. Setting the mood for zesty spices and a satisfying drinking and eating experience.

Guaranteed to Kick like a Genuine Mexican Plug

World Famous Suave Margaritas

Suave always appears after the 10th Margarita! Sometimes he’s known to materialize whenever he pleases. But, only after imbibing the perfect margarita at Tequila Reef Cantina.


So, with that in mind we’ve asked our Facebook Patrons to post pictures of their margaritas to see if old Nacho Suave makes an appearance. He sometimes does.

Tequila Reef Cantina

Nacho Suave

Stay tuned for more.

Same Tequila Time.

Same Tequila Channel.


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