The Value of Good Spirits

Good spirits are a tremendous benefit to a healthy life.

The negative aspects of alcohol shows its ugly face all too often. Fortunately, those who drink responsibly know this and use spirits for their therapeutic qualities rather than get smashed and start smashing others in return.

Alcohol is the only food taken into our systems that is unaffected by the digestive system. It just passes into blood stream through the stomach and within minutes it reaches every part of your body. Before you know it you’re drunker than a skunk if you’re not careful.

Alcohol is not a stimulant. Although at times it certainly feels that way. It creates a false sense of stimulation because the nerve centers controlling your heartbeat loose control, thus increasing the heart rate and causing a sensation of warmth throughout your body. This stimulating sensation is not true; it only feels that way. It actually relaxes rather than stimulates. This sensation of warmth is only skin deep; it is only the surface of the body that is warmed. In reality more heat is generated by the body than the alcohol supplies. Alcohol actually reduces body heat. It cools the body down more than ice water. It also provides energy and acts as a sedative relaxing the body as well as the brain.

Taken in Moderation alcohol does not damage the nervous system or any other important inner body part. The energy you get from alcohol is produced because it goes directly to your blood stream in its original state. It hits your brain the fastest and spreads out from there relaxing your inhibitions.

Alcohol can only be eliminated from your body with time.

Whether you’re resting or running it always leaves your body at a normal rate. Of course, this depends on the size of the person. To insulate your body before a major drinking binge it’s a good ideas to line the walls of your stomach with food. Specifically cream and whole milk, butter, meat fats, olive oils, and other meat products. Alcohol also has been known as a prescription for many ailments: shock is one, snake bite is another. Mostly it is prescribed for fatigue. Although this can raise different problems because alcohol adds to any fatigue already present. Be careful imbibing liquor when you’re tired.

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