A Bit About Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand

Way back a few decades ago Pattaya was known as a simple fishing village on the coast of Thailand. After World War II land developers, notably Parinya Chawalitthamrong, saw the potential of beach front property for the future prosperity of Thailand through the tourist trade. It took a few years to get the ball rolling on development but by the late 1950s visitors from Bangkok started making the trip down to Pattaya for a little Rest & Recreation. The coast was crystal clean, the water was pure, and the diving was terrific. Naturally visitors from all over the world heard about this pleasant paradise on the coast of Thailand. Soon after that restaurants and bars started popping up to cater to all the new tourism needs. Hotels and other fine services were introduced to give Pattaya that extra special flair all its own.

In the early 60s and onward things really started taking off. American GIs came in from the Vietnam War Era and Pattaya shot up like a rocket in popularity. Thanks to the Royal Thai Navy Base at U-Tapao Pattaya became one of the most sought after destinations in all of Thailand. Rivaling Bangkok and possibly offering a little more in coastal Thai opportunities for fun and entertainment. The friendly local girls and flamboyant bars were filled to capacity providing good company, good food, and good booze.

By the 70s the rest of world really took notice and Pattaya really started to grow. And grow it did. New and bigger hotels were being built and better infrastructure needs soon became apparent. New money and new problems started pouring in…

This was the time Nacho Suave visited Pattaya for the first time and found it to have all the attractions of a quality community on the rise. Looking south from the city where the Pattaya City sign flashes today he saw this and declared this is where Tequila Reef shall be. There and then the Perfect Margarita was born…


Be sure to visit the many attractions Pattaya has to offer. As always, in Thailand, the culture is rich with colour and vibrant with personality.

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◊ Suave’s ‘Perfect’ Margarita only at Tequila Reef ◊

◊ Suave’s Favorite Tequila Cocktails ◊

 Suave’s Whiskey Cocktails ◊

◊ Suave’s Cognac & Brandy ◊

◊ Suave’s Vodka Surprises ◊

◊ Suave’s Sour Cocktails ◊

◊ Suave’s Rum Cocktails ◊

 Suave’s Gin & Tonics ◊



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